Winvision collaborates with Microsoft to further develop BeSense

Winvision has been working in close collaboration with Microsoft to further develop BeSense, the innovative sensor system that turns ordinary buildings into smart buildings within the short timeframe of one single day. BeSense is built on Azure IoT and new spatial intelligence capabilities to deliver a global-scale and intelligent solution on a trusted platform. Winvision is the technological partner of BeSense. Its relevant expertise and experience with BeSense and other Smart Building applications helped Winvision integrate new ‘spatial intelligence’-features in Azure IoT.

Remco Ploeg, senior architect for Winvision, is very pleased with the collaboration with Microsoft. “We’re meeting one-on-one with the Azure IoT developers in Redmond to discuss the latest Azure IoT platform functionalities. I’m very proud to be able to contribute. The incorporation of these functionalities makes Azure into the logical foundation for everyone who wants to develop or use a smart building solution. These new Azure IoT spatial intelligence features are also a nice basis for further development for BeSense. We are very happy to use the new Azure IoT topology, sensor processing and role-based access control that are offered by Azure’s IoT APIs.”

You can read more about Winvision’s collaboration at Microsoft’s official blog.

BeSense is the system of wireless sensors that provides property managers with real-time insight into occupancy levels and the circumstances of workplaces, spaces and wings. The system can be installed within a day and provides much more efficient and sustainable management facilities for buildings. BeSense is an initiative of construction company Heijmans and cleaning company CSU.